Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation was launched in 2006 to encourage and support entrepreneurs within our congregation who have a bold vision for new ventures that promote gospel-centered renewal to New York City and beyond. The initiative is expanding as a movement beyond Redeemer as churches in cities around the world take seriously the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in their communities. Our entrepreneurs mobilize around three goals:


  • The gospel gives us new motivations that change why we work, what we create,
    and how we do it.  Our work becomes the expression of our identity and not the
    source of it.


  • The gospel motivates us to humanize our work promoting equity, opportunity, innovation, and ongoing training that recognizes the dignity of all people and the work they do.  Our work has profound significance and how we go about doing this work is as important as the product of it.   


  • The humility and boldness that the gospel uniquely brings must be the anchor for people who build and lead organizations in all sectors to serve others instead of ourselves. Ventures must strive to seek the flourishing of our cities with courage and perseverance, addressing the systemic brokenness that exists through innovative solutions.