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For Pastor & Ministry Leaders

"In nothing has the Church so lost her hold on reality as in Her failure to understand and respect the secular vocation. She has allowed work and religion to become separate departments, and is astonished to find that, as a result, the secular work of the world is turned to purely selfish and destructive ends, and that the greater part of the world’s intelligent workers have become irreligious, or at least, uninterested in religion… How can anyone remain interested in a religion which seems to have no concern with nine-tenths of his life?" – Dorothy Sayers

The Center for Faith & Work will be hosting its annual invitation-only summer intensive for pastors and lay leaders from around the globe in order to address this great need in the church, well-expressed above by Dorothy Sayers.


  • Intensive Dates: August 13-17, 2018
  • Deadline to express interest: March 31, 2018


  • A 5-day intensive workshop for pastors and lay leaders interested in learning about, initiating, or continuing to develop faith & work ministry within your current congregational context.
  • This week-long opportunity focuses on faith and work theology as well as ministry practice, and draws from over 14 years of Center for Faith & Work ministry experience and 9 years of implementing the Gotham Fellowship Program (a 9-month public discipleship intensive).
  • We trust this exciting week will lay a solid foundation for equipping you to pursue similar initiatives within your own church context. Because of this, we ask that you attend with at least 1 or at most 2 others from your ministry (lay leaders encouraged!) so that you can best discuss and envision what this might look like for your church.


  • Registration: Due to high demand and limited availability, please complete THIS FORM to express interest. (One submission per group.) Formal invitations to register will follow

Lodging Details

Rates below include 4 nights lodging at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) Erdman Center (link to this:, 4 breakfasts and lunches and 2 dinners. The majority of the conference sessions will happen in and around The Erdman Center. (Rates are per person costs.)

  • $2100 - Single Bed, Shared Bath
  • $2150 - Double Bed, Shared Bath
  • $2200 - Single Bed, Solo Bath
  • $2300 - Double Bed, Solo Bath
  • $2400 - Suite, Solo
  • $1900 - Arranging Lodging Offsite on own

Past Feedback

  • "This was one of the most helpful events I've ever attended. It gave me great encouragement in the continued necessity of theological study and depth while helping to demonstrate how all theology is practical theology that gives shape to our ministry practices. So much of this is helpful to work out in our own contexts with faith and work discussions..."
  • "..the vision [for this] is incredible and the theological implications astounding! Not only was it incredible learning, but I was ministered to by brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers in Christ. Highest value was getting together in a room with people from around the world, and exploring this together and being shepherded so well...I also appreciated the holistic nature of the week that there was even some light 'soul-care' or nurturing [throughout]..."  
  • "The sensitivity to and emphasis on understanding that congregational context presents different issues and challenges reflects a humility about this program being a gift from God. I left the Intensive with a renewed energy and hope for a gospel movement in and through our congregation and our geographic area. I look forward to being part of the Faith & Work Network and to see what God does through our continued efforts."
  • " was a life-changing experience."