Faith & Work 
Prayer Series

November 15 - February 25


This four month online course, facilitated by Lourine Clark and David H. Kim, will focus on Prayer & Our Work, and revolves around three Prayer Nights taking place across the coming year. Leading up to each of these gatherings, participants will have assignments providing greater context and teaching to deepen in the understanding and practice of prayer, particularly with respect to the work place.

  • The next Faith & Work Prayer Journey will begin November 15th. Cost is $40.00. Register HERE.

Prior to each of the larger gatherings, participants will be invited to a discussion time with Lourine and David for deeper discussion, prayer, and connection with others also participating. 


Faith & Work Prayer Nights are evenings of worship and prayer to seek God for spiritual strength in our workplaces. How can we rely on God through prayer to be strengthened and equipped for our daily work?

Following a time of worship, Executive Coach and Consultant, Lourine Clark, and Redeemer’s Pastor of Faith & Work, David H. Kim, guide participants through times of corporate and individual prayer.

While at times our workplaces can seem like a barren wilderness, how might prayer enable us to envision them instead as places of hope where God is at work producing fruit?

In 2016-17, there were three prayer nights, each exploring one of the following themes:



  • "[Real Life Prayer] has totally changed my prayer life - I am much more responsive, in terms of praying about things more immediately. I have also become more structured about my intercession and the meditative method has really helped me work on listening to God. The biggest change of all however, is how I approach life situations - the more complex and relational they are, the more I see them as areas where I am not able to ' fix things', but God is more than able. Through prayer he can deeply change me through the experience of the problem as well as change the hearts of others."
  • "At every Real Life Prayer event, I walked away with practical prayer tools and deeper understanding, deeper application. At the March event, the practicum was especially helpful to a situation I had been praying and fasting about all week. I received an answer on how to address it through the tool shared: Redemptive Words Cards. The exercise helped clear the fog of lies and uncertainty to help me see and know my own heart in the situation clearly. I was able to write an email that conveyed my ideas in a gracious and God-honoring way. It was very well received and the conversations that followed were honest and civil. I am really grateful to God for that! "
  • "The course gave me a new and renewed motivation to pray for my workplace."