Calling: Context is Everything


What happens when expectations misalign with reality? David H. Kim expounds the rarely discussed, surprising and vitally important context of calling as it relates to our work. What expectations do you have with respect to yourcalling? Expectations play a hidden, but very important role in shaping our motivations for work as well as a deeper sense of purp...

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CFW Announces 2015 Fall Artists-in-Residence

CFW Announces
2015 Fall


The Center for Faith & Work is pleased to announce our Fall 2015 Artists-in-Residence: visual artists Alix Pentecost Farren and Caroline Washburn The two artists were chosen from invited proposals that explored the idea of “Body”.  Each resident artist is now in the process of creating a brand new work on that theme, as it’s uniquely expressed throug...

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How Jesus Walked Through Freud's Front Door

Jesus Walked

Through Freud's
Front Door

By Elena Wu The field of Psychology didn’t just emerge from a secular perspective; it was birthed from a strongly anti-theistic point-of-view.  Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychology, believed that religion was merely an instrument for the “uneducated and oppressed” who may commit murder if not told that God would forbid it.  In fact, he asserted that r...

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The Way I Create

The Way I Create

By Rachel Printy This summer I was accepted into the CFW’s Faith & Art Course. I was both thrilled and terrified. As someone whose primary job was in healthcare, my identity as a writer was a relatively new one. Sure, I’d had a couple short stories published, but felt I didn’t belong with this group. After several rejections on some of the more recent pieces I...

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Imagination & Innovation in the City


in the City

A conversation from the 2014 CFW Conference between Dr. Tim Keller, Municipal Art Society Executive Director Margaret Newman, and CFW Executive Director David H. Kim. After a look back at how New York City has changed over the last 30 years, the trio discuss areas where imagination and innovation are needed for the city to flourish going forward.

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Accomplishing Great Things



By Kerri Rider Growing up, I wanted to one day accomplish "great things" for God. I imagined working with the poor in remote African villages or moving to the deepest parts of the Amazon jungle. This was my very specific idea of what good work looked like. During my college years, God helped me see that he accomplished "THE great thing" through Jesus' dea...

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