Why Christian Character Matters Q &A

Why Christian
Matters Q&A

N.T. Wright in a Q&A on Why Christian Character Matters as a follow up to his talk on the issue. 

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Ei Forum: Creation and Creativity

Ei Forum:
and Creativity

By: Calvin Chin What does the gospel say about renewing culture through starting new ventures? Would the gospel tell you to use your Harvard education to start an organization in a cramped storefront teeming with roaches and gang members milling about outside in one of the roughest neighborhoods in the New York City area? Well Alex Forrester and Alfa Demmellash, of Rising Tide Capi...

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Creation and Creativity


Tim Keller discusses why God is pleased when we create and the two motivations people have for why they create. Are you creating to make a name for yourself or are you creating because bringing order out of chaos, something out of nothing is in itself a good thing?

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Gospel Entrepreneurship


Applying the gospel to our entrepreneurship means understanding that the world will be a better place and we will get to be part of that.  Although God doesn’t need us, he uses our work as part of his plan. How do we fit into God’s story? How does the gospel impact every aspect of our work? This is a clip from Katherine Leary’s talk entitled “Gospel Ent...

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RedeemerWrites are published works by Redeemer authors that seek to illuminate our world and our faith through the written word. Past Works: Creating Space Lenten Devotional RedeemerWrites presents Creating Space, a Lenten devotional created by the Redeemer Arts community. This devotional contains poetry and essays by our very own congregants. Also featured is the art of callig...

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Work and Cultural Renewal: Amilee Watkins Joins CFW Team

Work and
Amilee Watkins
Joins CFW Team

By: Amilee Watkins “Coffee girl.” Once upon a time, I resented the phrase. I started working for Starbucks Coffee Company part-time while completing my degree in Instrumental Performance. I wanted to supplement my musician’s life with stability—pay, benefits, free coffee. Not being able to see seven years into the future, I had no idea that the Lord was abou...

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