Artists and Church: A Gospel Movement

Artists and

A Gospel

By: Kenyon Adams Each year hundreds of artists make the move to New York City to pursue their ambitions in creative fields. This opens the door to a lot of unsolicited advice: be sure to have something else to fall back on, give yourself a time limit after which point you should move on to something else, beware of losing your morals in the theater…. But rarely will you hear...

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Why Work Matters

Why Work
: Gospel
& Culture

By: Amilee Watkins How should Christians relate to the culture around us? Should we withdraw from it in ways that will guard our purity? Or should we cozy up to it in ways that are winsome, in hopes of portraying the God whom we know and love as attractive and good? Should we focus on the good in our culture or draw attention to the bad? And, in fact, as we go about our daily lives...

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New Year

New Year: 
New Artistic

In the parable of the talents, Jesus is clear that he does not want us to be wasteful with what little we have. Instead, the servant with the least amount of resources learns that he who is faithful with small things will be given more. As we confront issues of funding for artists in the twentieth century church, we have to ask whether our funding systems are simply handouts, or if...

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Epiphany Is Manifestation

Epiphany Is

By: Maria Fee Epiphany can be seen as manifestation of the divine. As Christians we believe God can break into our lives in real and tangible ways. Not as a distant fire or cloud, not like a scorching burning bush. Christmas means Epiphany came as a small vulnerable child needing to be held. Epiphany also occurrs through the mundane rhythms of life: a maiden at her task, me...

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Book Review: Life Together

Book Review:
Life Together

By: Georgia Noyan In his book Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community, Dietrich Bonhoeffer offers the Christian means with which to cultivate authentic Christian community. Having been imprisoned (and later hung) by the Gestapo for his participation in the political and military resistance against Nazism in Germany, the author writes with the authority of exper...

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The Annunciation’s Drama



By: Maria Fee A sort of advent ensues prior to a dramatic play. We make our way to the theater, purchase tickets, take our seats and wait for the curtain to rise. Yet something else transpires pre-show. We willingly put ourselves at risk for we know art has the ability to alter our belief systems— including the ways we view the world and ourselves. And thus it is so...

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