The Cave and the Cathedral: Meaning-Making in the Dark

The Cave
and the

in the Dark

Why do human beings make art? Is art an essential part of what makes us human? Drawing on the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which reveals the recently discovered Paleolithic cave paintings from Chauvet, France, author Gregory Wolfe delves into the way art both makes and discovers meaning. Along the way, Wolfe explores how art and the religious sense have been...

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When Work Feels Fruitless

When Work

By: Leah Hollingsworth My primary work is as a mother. I have several advanced degrees and I spend hours sitting on the floor, wiping runny noses, or standing in the kitchen, washing dishes. Many days, it seems like everything that I do backfires. It is easy to feel like what I’m doing is a waste of my time and education. I know that raising kids is about delayed gratificatio...

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Room 904: My 82-Year-Old Roommate, Brokenness, and the Gospel

Room 904:
My 82-Year-Old
Brokenness, and
the Gospel

By: Crystal Chen Sometimes God uses unexpected circumstances and even  unexpected people to teach us the beauty, grace, and strength of the gospel.      In January 2012, I found myself sharing a hospital room with Ms. Rosenberg, my 82-year-old roommate. The stay was unexpected, a seemingly frustrating hurdle when I was just about to get back into the swing of...

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Applying Calling


6- Week

Dates: Tuesday evenings April 11th-May 16th, 7:30-9:30pm Location: Redeemer Offices Limited space available. Dave Evans and David Kim have collaborated to develop a new course integrating the theological principle of Calling into incarnational practice. How is our faith & work theology lived out on the ground in the everyday rhythms of our working lives? This 6-week course w...

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Gotham Alumni Spring Quarterly | Radical Collaboration

Quarterly |


Date: Thursday, April 27th, 7:30-9:30pm Location: Redeemer Offices, 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor Limited Space Available How do we cultivate new ideas towards effective implementation and fruitful execution? How might the Gotham alumni network better leverage the gifts and skills existing within the community to solve problems, create new works, and build momentum towa...

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New Faith & Work Podcast

Faith & Work


Subscribe to the Center for Faith & Work Podcast. Weekly talks, lectures, and conversations about the intersection of theology and culture as it applies to our everyday work. Topics range from vocational-specific (business, law, arts, education, etc.) to practical resources regarding prayer, discernment, calling, and more. Subscribe to us on Soundcloud or ITunes.

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