Niggle and me: Imagine if your work really mattered

and Me:

if your work
really mattered

By Jerry Dienes Artists tend to live in their imaginations. At least I do, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. It’s not always great. We can be quick to imagine the worst case scenarios, and slow to imagine the best possibilities of any given situation. But the upside is we can imagine, and sometimes successfully create, beautiful, singular and even humorous w...

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A Gentle Interruption For Everyday Work



By Michelle Choi We can only see ourselves in the context of what we experience, and sometimes interruptions shift our understanding of life. I took the Faith & Work Intensive during a two-year period of personal growth and discovery, when God was working to upend my desires, thoughts and beliefs to love, forgive, and wait. I was involved in different ministries in the city, bu...

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Formed to Work for the Glory of God

A Reflection on    the Faith & Work    Conference

By Jakki Kerubo  The week leading up to the April 13-14 Faith & Work Conference was a hectic one for me. Work deadlines and moving apartments had me exhausted. I was eager to hear that God wanted me to strive less and spend more time running on the beach. This vision of bliss was quickly shattered when Pastor Tim Keller spoke about a myth of the Golden Age: that paradis...

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Ice Cream, Work, and Liturgy

Ice Cream, Work,  and Liturgy

By Hannah Eagleson I didn’t expect ice cream to be such an important part of the most recent conference I attended. In April, I participated in the Formed to Work for the Glory of God conference through Redeemer City to City’s Center for Faith and Work. On the second day of the conference, I found myself trying to decide which made-on-the-spot flavor...

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An Evening with Marilynne Robinson

An Evening


On February 21, the Center for Faith & Work and Redeemer Churches hosted An Evening with Marilynne Robinson, the world-renowned Pulitzer Prize winning author of books like Gilead, Lila, and Housekeeping. Also a humanities scholar and avid Calvinist, Robinson is the author of countless essays of non-fiction, exploring subjects from Shakespeare to the P...

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Fighting - and Writing- Through Fear

Fighting -
and Writing-

Through Fear

By Norma Hopcraft It takes an inordinate amount of courage to reveal our lives—our bad choices, our weaknesses and foibles, our very souls—in our writing. So the title of the Center for Faith and Work’s workshop for writers, “Fearless: Accessing Hidden Creativity Through the Written Word,” snapped me to attention. We long to be known (and we are by God...

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