Fighting - and Writing- Through Fear

Fighting -
and Writing-

Through Fear

By Norma Hopcraft It takes an inordinate amount of courage to reveal our lives—our bad choices, our weaknesses and foibles, our very souls—in our writing. So the title of the Center for Faith and Work’s workshop for writers, “Fearless: Accessing Hidden Creativity Through the Written Word,” snapped me to attention. We long to be known (and we are by God...

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Entering His Rest

His Rest

By Yuna Youn If there is a retreat that could challenge notions of what a retreat should be, it would be the Center for Faith and Work's "Work and Rest Retreat." Instead of an exotic travel destination, spa, or wellness center that typically serves the role of providing rest, attendees gathered during the last weekend in January for a journey that was simultaneously i...

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"The Table" Remembered

"The Table"

In the Spring of 2017, CFW awarded multi-discplinary artist Lea Fulton a six-week residency wherein the artist would create a new work based on the given theme of "the unfinished work". Fulton's work explored our theme through an immersive installation centered on the experience of forgiveness. The carefully crafted piece was installed in an empty storefront on the Lower...

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Gotham: A New Vision for Work

A New
for Work

By Hilary Merlo As I reflect on my life, I recognize that I am sum of people and experiences that have poured into me, and my work and Gotham are two very strong influences in that. I am privileged in that as I entered the workforce from college, I happened to be surrounded by people who talked about the importance of the integration of faith and work. I was molded with the idea th...

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How to Tell You’re Telling a Good Story

How to Tell
Telling a
Good Story  

By Cristina Spataro I have always been a storyteller. As a child, I concocted tale after tale with my friends about our favorite protagonist “Barbie”, envisioning the lives we wanted when we grew up.  As an adult, working as a therapist with clients in crisis, I have used storytelling and role playing as a means for patients to work through difficulties and see dif...

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Moving from My Story to the Redemption Story

My Story

to the

By Gail Russell Buffalo Through research doing critical discourse analysis and narrative research in education, I have learned that narrators instinctively seek moral authority. We are driven by the goal of making ourselves “come out good” in the end. Gotham, though it concluded for me three months ago, is still teaching me how to resist this common narrator’s imp...

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