Why Christians
Should Care
About Science

By: Elizabeth Crouch

Recently, there were some troubling facts that came out of studies looking at American students’ competencies in several subject areas, including science and math.  Why should Christians care about how American culture interacts with science? Because it’s a direct application of what Jesus said were the greatest commandments:

1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Science is basically learning more about God’s creation. In fact, many scientists have become Christians as they have realized the incredible beauty and organization of the animals or plants that they study, and they have gone in search of a Creator.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself. God heals many people every day through the miracles of modern medicine, all inventions that he inspired scientists to create and discover.

A common misperception is that science is memorizing facts. BORING. Instead, science is trying to figure out how something in the natural world works, and many times, using that knowledge to better human existence. Certainly not everyone should be a scientist; different people have different gifts. But what good might come of greater Christian engagement with scientists, to both support and challenge them? So ditch that re-run of reality TV, and listen to some radiolab! Or write your senator in support of science and math teachers! Or buy goldieblox, a building set that encourages young engineering minds, as a gift for a young woman in your life (! Science is serving the world!