The Redemption
of Law

By: Karen Won

Fundamentally, the institution of law is God’s gracious gift – essential medicine for a sick society.  It’s an avenue by which God provides order, guidance, and justice for a fallen mankind unable to provide such things for itself.  Law provides protection for sinful people who now no longer fear God but do fear each other.  Law provides governance for broken human institutions & enterprises that now have no natural tendency toward what is right.

Yet, the scars of the Fall in law are so evident in the world, the industry, and the individuals.  Oppressive regimes and unjust legal systems.  Spiritually blind & distorted workplaces where lust for success is called drive, greed is called diligence, manipulation is called skill, and aggression is called passion.  As for lawyers, I’ve heard us called “the gospel’s last unreached people group.”

But as surely as this is our Father’s world, we see His redeeming fingerprints in law as in the rest of creation.  We see them in increased accountability against corruption, injustice, and the tyranny of money and power, and in recent years, in a renewed wisdom to number one’s days.  Furthermore, the pages of the Bible are rustling with the promise that while we labor – in law or any other field – we do so alongside God, in partnership in worship & service, shoulder-to-shoulder with Him who is at work in the midst of His creation – until that one day, our work will be completed with the help of the God we serve, and our faith shall be sight.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the privilege of expressing our love to you by service to your creation.

We pray for the world.  You said to ask of you, and you will give nations.  So we ask on behalf of nations torn by conflict and injustice, especially in Africa and the Middle East, that you show yourself as the Righteous King, the Prince of Peace, in these places where your children need you.

We pray for the church.  Empower your church to equip your followers in every industry to seek kingdom victory over worldly success, and exemplify the truth that we are to live and work for an Audience of One.

We pray for the people affected by the volatile legal & financial markets, particularly with unemployment.  Would you open & close the appropriate doors, and orchestrate all things so that the currents of your guidance will ultimately carry us to where you want us to be.  During this time, strengthen us to be a people whose faith is as visible in times of uncertainty as in times of security.

We pray for the people in the legal and all other fields.  Grant us your great grace to excel at our jobs for your glory.  Out of the fullness of your grace, give us the wisdom to discern your hand in our work; the urgency to love & serve our neighbors this hour and every hour; the stamina to persevere; the hope to do this day after day after day; and the joy to make it all sincere.  Embolden us by the truth that we are immortal at our jobs until your work for us there is done.  Help us live & labor such that when other people see us, they will know that there is a God and that You are with us.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.