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Sabbath Rest
Online Course

As the summer begins, we need to find ways to rest from the past year and be renewed for the coming fall. The concept and practice of Sabbath rest allows us to experience that deep rest that the gospel uniquely provides. Rest is needed for work to flourish. To that end, we have curated an online course to help you discover the rest that restores and realigns us to our calling. In this path, you will find the following resources:

1. A sermon by Tim Keller on this topic which will explore how Jesus uniquely leads us to a deeper rest.

2. Further readings to help you explore the significance of Sabbath and Sabbath practices. The Marva Dawn reading in particular is an excellent resource that we recommend reading in its entirety if you can.

3. A Sabbath worksheet to help you develop Sabbath rhythms and practices.

4. A substantive 5-day devotional that will provide a biblical overview of the Sabbath.

We hope these materials will help you consider what hinders you from setting your work aside in rest.


Lisa Richardson | 06.26.17 | 11:25 am
I so need this. Looking forward to going over the materials and growing in my appreciation for God and his world
Mary Li Hsu | 07.11.17 | 01:24 am
I need to know more about Sabbath rest and how to practice it.
Mike Overstreet | 07.23.17 | 05:46 pm
I need o learn more about Sabbath rest and how to practice it.
Mike Overstreet | 07.23.17 | 05:47 pm
I really want to do this course
Tatenda Chikwekwe | 08.14.17 | 04:28 pm
i would love to join it
christiana | 07.18.18 | 07:42 am
I want to study more on sabbath
Justin | 11.02.19 | 07:37 pm