Re-Imagining CFW

With the beginning of the new year, the Center for Faith & Work began to re-imagine CFW. In July, CFW hosted its first Strategic Forum to communicate to our leaders our evolving vision. Executive Director David Kim did a presentation on “Stretching the Imagination” to envision what a Re-imagined NYC might look like, and highlighted what role the CFW community might play in God’s work here in the city. Three areas were discussed:

1. The Nature of the Church
We typically understand “church” to mean the gather church body meeting for worship on Sunday. But we don’t cease to be the church after leaving the Sunday service! CFW focuses on equipping, connecting, and mobilizing the scattered church to be the people of God every day of the week, reflecting the renewing power of the gospel throughout every sector of society.

2. The Importance of Connecting Vocational Networks
The scattered church provides a unique cross-industry community, motivated and connected by a vision for the renewal of all things. CFW desires to better understand the interconnectedness and interdependence of the various industries in NYC, in order to more effectively highlight God’s redemptive work in this city.

3. Mobilizing Toward Concrete Change
Because we believe that the gospel transforms not only individuals, but also institutions, we want to begin moving towards applications of our theological foundations by partnering with key people, organizations, and companies working to bring concrete change into the city.

As the Center for Faith & Work continues to Re-Imagine CFW in the coming year, they are excited to announce:

New: CFW Website at
CFW has a strong commitment to NYC, and the redesigned website highlights the City and the work of the scattered church. Ministry programs are now organized around their primary purpose of equipping, connecting and mobilizing. News feeds provide easier access to theological articles, CFW News and topics. Social media outlets are more easily accessed to engage with CFW on multiple platforms.

New: Entrepreneurship & Innovation Applied Case Studies
As part of our targeted focus on supporting entrepreneurs in NYC and beyond, we will be implementing a year-long series of case studies from our community to provide a combination of practical, tactical, theological, and pastoral advice to common issues that entrepreneurs face. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Kickoff on September 5th will launch the business plan competition by casting a gospel vision of entrepreneurship. We will also debut our new Ei Applied Case Studies with a segment featuring Tegu founder Will Haughey, the Rev. David Kim and consulting experts.

New: Faith & Work Night is Now “City Rhythms”
Seeking to follow the vocational rhythms of the city, CFW will host a monthly cross-vocational gathering spotlighting specific sectors each month. Through these gatherings we hope to spark your imagination for the scope of the gospel’s impact across dozens of industries in this city. Each monthly gathering will include an artistic highlight, theological teaching, spiritual reflection, vocational spotlights, and time for networking and relationship building. City Rhythms will begin on September 19th and will highlight Fashion and Finance industries.

New: #NYCurrents
CFW is asking New Yorkers to tweet important issues, events, and trends in their field or industry and why it is important to NYC using the #NYCurrents hashtag. Follow the feed on the CFW website to stay keyed in to important events, shifts and trends in sectors throughout the city.

Stay tuned for more announcements from the Center for Faith & Work on new initiatives being launched this year!