Ice Cream &

By: Esther Larson

Just give me an Ice. (pause) Cold. (pause)

Morgenstern’s Ice Cream.

On a hot summer day in Manhattan, ice cream is pretty much always in order.  Three things I love about the new Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream parlor on the Lower East Side?  Innovation. Creativity. Guts.

Innovation:  After working as a pastry chef at the Nice Matin restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Nicholas Morgenstern’s boss encouraged him to tinker around with an ‘old European ice cream machine that had been collecting dust’.  With the space to innovate and the equipment to create, Morgenstern took the opportunity to explore new recipes to make original ice cream.

Creativity:  Taking something that all of us eat (weekly, monthly, or for some of us, nightly) and making it better, Morgenstern decided not to take Ben & Jerry at their word, “we make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way”. The result?  A recipe that prevents masking flavor by lowering butterfat (which “coats the mouth”), minimizing sugar, and maximizing flavor with just the right amount of salt.  To further maximize flavor, Morgenstern’s ensures their ice cream is served at just the right temperature, while not using egg enhances its smooth, milk texture and flavor.

Guts:  Auto mechanic, antique lover, and ice cream maker (and those are just three of Morgenstern’s career moves).  Nicholas Morgenstern has had the chutzpah to embrace opportunities and run full force ahead to bring an idea from concept to reality. Innovate something mundane and bring new life to it.  Open an ice cream parlor in the middle of Manhattan that makes you feel like you’re in Mayberry (with ray-ban wearing, latte drinking, skinny jean touting hipsters). That takes guts.

Innovation, Creativity, and Guts – makes me think of someone else.  An Innovator, a Creator, Someone who had had the guts to come down to earth, “move into the neighborhood” and be present.  Yes, I’m talking about God – a God who took dust and made “man in his own image”, a God who created the heavens and the earth, a God who came to earth to live among us. Who saved us from ourselves and our sin by dying on the cross and claiming victory over death by rising from the dead.

As we discover this God, the One, True, Living God, we’ll realize things God’s called us to in this life.He calls us to see the brokenness created by the fall (when we as humans decided to do our own thing and disobey God), to innovatively and creatively think about how to address it, and being fueled by His Spirit, He gives us the chutzpah we need to bring renewal and beauty to our world.

In the meantime, as we’re on this journey of discovery, would recommend stopping by Morgenstern’s Fine Ice Cream at 2 Rivington Street ( to get inspired and grab an Ice. Cold. Morgenstern’s ice cream.