Corporate Social Responsibility

By:  Diana Mao

In CFW’s Gotham Fellowship, I learned that the first corporation was the church. This came as a surprise to many in the Gotham program. Probably because of the fact that the corporation is seen as this evil entity – polluting the waters of 3rd world countries, exploiting the most vulnerable and appeasing shareholders in a profit-maximizing firm.

As the co-founder of Nomi Network, I have learned that corporations can do good when they re-center themselves on Christ, the Word of God and Christian principles. The buzz word today is corporate social responsibility. But these are biblical principles – be a good steward (environmental sustainability), we are all created in the image of God (labor rights and fair wage) and do unto others as you want done onto you (employee benefits and corporate culture).

The world can seem to be taking a turn for the worse – 32 million slaves today, wars and rumors of wars, etc. It gives me great hope knowing that there are believers who are truly seeking His face and that His Spirit is making all things new.

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